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My ful arabic name

Hi there,

My name is Majed A. Al Madi. I'm from Saudi Arabia. I was born in Riyadh the capital city, and I'm living there now.

I work as a supervisor of the Computer Department for an advertising agency ( Z Center ) based in Riyadh. I have 9 years experience as a professional Graphic Designer.

I like to hear from anyone with similar interests to exchange ideas and points of view.

I enjoy computing, designing, searching the net, traveling, watching TV and listening to Gulf music and English music.

My favorite Operating system for designing is Apple Macintosh, and My favorite Operating system for programing is Windows 95.
My favorite Operating system for networking is Linux.

My favorite Arabic song is "ANTY NSAETY"

My favorite singer is "Mohammed Abdoh"

My favorite poet is "Daim Alsafe"

My favorite carton character is "TAZ" .. (^@^)

My mailing address is:

Majed Al Madi, P.O. Box 7632, Riyadh 11472, SAUDI ARABIA


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